Ram Breeding and Pricing Information 2015


Romani sells MNCC Coopworth rams and adheres to the rules and regulations of the NZ Coopworth Sheep Society.

The system of sheep selection and flock control introduced by the the Coopworth Society when it was formed in 1968, laid the foundation to quickly establish the Coopworth as the second most numerous sheep breed in New Zealand.

The Coopworth Society concept for increasing productive performance (based on recording, population genetics and a rigid inspection system) set the pace for change.

Within the sheep industry the breeding of fertile, high producing, sound, easy care sheep, essential for progress and survival of sheep farming, has now been generally accepted.

Ram Pricing

Rams become available for sale as soon as the 2th selection list (including the latest lambing) is received from SIL, usually by mid-November every year.

Prices for rams are based on the SIL index (DPP column) on the 2th selection list - so you pay for what you get.

If you are not familiar with the production index system please read the article on Performance Recording first. Alternatively, you could read "A guide to Genetic Improvement" at www.sheepimprovement.co.nz

Romani sells MNCC Coopworth rams with prices based on the SIL's DPP index as follows:

$1,350SIL index ≥ 2500
$1,250SIL index ≥ 2500 to 2200
$1,100SIL index ≥ 2200 to 2000
$150Add for FE-tested

For commercial ram breeders, price on request.

The 2th selection (rams) list will be published every year under the SIL Ram Selection List heading on this website or is available on request, please e-mail or telephone/fax 07 827-8784.

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