Gallery of Romani (MNCC) 2th Coopworth Sires

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2011 2th Sires
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Coopworth Ram MNCC 349/11
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Coopworth Ram MNCC 480/11
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Coopworth Ram MNCC 617/11
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Coopworth Ram MNCC 627/11
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Coopworth Ram MNCC 628/11

SIL indexes of the above rams as at February 2013
MNCC12/0935/091232/2349/1127815483312063 -831489181
MNCC12/09440/09.222/2480/1125544812522365 -978194239
MNCC495/09346/10131/1627/1132428104012164 -445  35277
MNCC12/09359/10222/2628/1128687634482076 -862114329
Guide to abbreviations
NLB: Number of Lambs BornDPS: Dual Purpose Survival
BR/RR: number of progeny born / number rearedDPG: Dual Purpose Lamb Growth
DPP: Dual Purpose ProductionDPM: Dual Purpose Meat Yield
DPR: Dual Purpose ReproductionDPW: Dual Purpose Wool
DPA: Dual Purpose Adult Size

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